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Forever Homes for Vulnerable Adults in Cornwall Now a Step Closer with Innovative Match Funding

25 August 2020 Co-operatives UK (with funding provided by The Architectural Heritage Fund) has pledged a £50,000 investment to Mustard Seed Property’s latest community share offer, via the ‘Community Shares Booster Programme1’. This innovative “match funding” has meant that the share offer has already raised over £278,0002 of its £600,000 target, to house vulnerable adults in Cornwall. With additional match funding potentially available from funders, this means that for every £1 invested by the community from now on, Mustard Seed Read more…

A new property acquired & another share offer

April 2020 Daniel Brewer shares the latest news from Mustard Seed Property – including their latest property purchase and social impact report. I’m very excited to announce that MSP has finally managed to complete the purchase of its latest property right in the heart of Redruth. Contracts were signed, ‘social distancing’ suitably observed, and our ambition for this property to create a true hybrid, between a shared house and independent flats can now be advanced. Read more…

New community share offer will help vulnerable lives in Cornwall

April 2018 Mustard Seed Property (MSP) has launched an exciting new share offer, which seeks to raise funds to purchase a property that will provide urgent support for vulnerable adults with learning disabilities. The latest share offer is off the back of MSP successfully raising £300,000 in 2007, from local people, a charitable trust and a bank, enabling it to buy an old bed and breakfast property, which positively changed the lives of five families. Read more…

Fund matching offer from Andrews Charitable Trust – helping us to achieve our target quicker

September 2018

We are delighted to announce that for every £1 invested in Mustard Seed Property will now be matched by Andrews Charitable Trust (ACT) – getting us more quickly to the £300,000 target for a property which will provide long term housing for vulnerable adults with learning difficulties in Cornwall. This means that for every £1 invested, ACT will also invest £1, up to a maximum of £50,000, until the £300,000 target is reached.

Andrews Charitable Trust was established by Cecil Jackson-Cole, who was the original founder of Oxfam, andwhich owns 100% of the well known Estate Agency chain Andrews Property Group. Since they were founded in 1965, ACT have helped over 180 beneficiary charities, ranging from housing to health projects, both in the UK and Internationally.


Community Share Offers – an investment for all shapes and sizes

May 2018

Daniel Brewer, one of our directors, discusses why he likes Community Share Offers!

Last week was Mustard Seed Property’s (MSP) best yet in our current share offer.  We jumped from £30,000 to over £170,000.  Yes, this was to a large extent due to one foundation adding £100,000, but there were some significant others as well.  One of the reasons I love community share issues (and Mustard Seed Property’s in particular) is that they have the power to engage the foundations, the second home owners and the MPs, all of whom we might expect to invest, and have done!  But it also includes the retired widow, the farmer, the holidaymaker and the local business. It enables all of us to contribute what we can and treats us as equals: one member one vote.   We become, not just investors looking for a positive outcome and a reasonable rate of return, we become something together that we could not achieve on our own.  The power of the collective capitalism harnessed for the common good – still delivering what John Ludlow foresaw when the first ‘Industrial and Provident Societies Partnership Act’ was passed under the Derby/Disraeli Tory government of 1852.