Our Partners

St Petrocs provides accommodation, support, advice, training and resettlement services to single homeless people in Cornwall. Within resources available, they strive to provide the best quality of service possible. St Petroc’s primary aim is to provide these services to people aged 16-65 years for whom no provision is made within the community, either statutory or otherwise.

St Petrocs currently leases Mustard Seed Property’s first house in Helston.

Karrek works with people with learning and/or physical disabilities, mental health and/or behavioural challenges, autism and people with certain forms of brain injury. The organisation currently supports 20 individuals with a mixture of care packages, ranging from 2:1, 24/7 support to a small number of set hours per week. Its vision is to “empower vulnerable people to have greater control over their lives and to enjoy their lives to the full.”

Karrek has a number of people it supports in inappropriate accommodation. It has identified a strategic need for new accommodation for several people in both St Austell and Camborne. Karrek has a partnership with Hollywell Housing, a specialist supported housing provider. Hollywell provides housing support, and Karrek individual care and support.

Resonance, as one of the UK’s leading impact investment firms, specialises in supporting social enterprises to access investment from values-aligned investors either directly or via one of its dedicated impact investment funds. Resonance currently manages over £150million of investor capital, generating both social impact and financial returns. Mustard Seed Property was one of Resonance’s first ever investment transactions in 2007.

Resonance supports Mustard Seed Property in raising capital and a variety of corporate services.