Social Impact

Social Impact

MSP serves vulnerable adults who are at risk of homelessness by leasing property to highly respected organisations that deliver the services direct to the individual tenants.

It currently works with St Petrocs, Newquay Lighthouse, Karrek Community, United Response and Mustard Seed. 

If you are a social enterprise and/or charity that would like to explore opportunities to secure more appropriate accommodation so you can deliver more social impact, please get in touch.

Since 2007, over 40 vulnerable adults have been helped in this way, who would otherwise be in homelessness hostels, or other unsuitable housing, or even in some cases, rough sleeping. The positive impact this has on those around them is also very felt, whether as respite for parents coping with grown-up children with learning disabilities or the friends and families of those who would otherwise be in desperate need.

Our annual social impact report outlines the impact being delivered by our partner organisations. The 2022 report details the housing opportunities, progression to work as well as resilience against homelessness for tenants.

Read the 2022 social impact report

What do residents, investors & partners say about MSP?

David, Resident

“I’ve been here for about 2 years and making the place homely has been like therapy for me. I am glad to be able to live in the area I was brought up in and have connections, and know the geography. A lady who used to live here came back to visit because she missed us all now that she’s found her own flat. We have house meetings to sort things out like cleaning up after ourselves in the kitchen.”

Jonathan, Resident

“I have been here since January 2018. I was sleeping in a car after my mum died and I was evicted from our home of 50 years. People put in a good word for me with St.Petroc’s and coming into this house, well, all my worries were answered! I now have an address so I can look for work and I have a safe home. It was a challenge sharing a house, but it’s the only answer when you have little hope of getting back into employment or housing.”

John, Investor

“I’ve been an investor since the beginning of Mustard Seed Property. It is great to be able to use some of my savings to invest in the community that has been my home for so many years. As well as the fact that my money is helping provide opportunities for people who really need it, my investment has outperformed many of my mainstream investments, paying a consistent and increasing return in challenging economic times.”

Geeta, Partner

“It’s really refreshing to have a relationship with a property investor like Mustard Seed Property. They buy the property we need with the best interests of the people being supported in mind, and then customise it to their needs. It means we can focus our efforts on supporting people, not on becoming a property development company. And we have security of tenure in a property that’s fit for purpose and affordable for everyone involved.”