Communities Like Us – Tamar Energy Community (TEC)

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October 2020

Like us, there are a number of other community-led organisations in Devon and Cornwall, and from time to time each of us have a campaign to expand our membership and raise share capital. One of the seven co-operative principles is to be ‘co-operative amongst co-operatives’. So we are wanting to introduce you to a different community-led organisation each time we do an update. Together we can build a community of people and organisations that share a vision for a stronger, more inclusive future in the South West (and beyond). 

Mustard Seed Property (MSP) has recently been introduced to the great work of Tamar Energy Community (TEC). They provide support and services in four main areas: energy advice, local energy innovation, sharing knowledge, and community-owned renewables – turning the climate emergency into positive action. Currently working across West Devon and East Cornwall, TEC is looking to have a greater impact in Cornwall in the coming months. Much of the work done at TEC is through community volunteers and the team is constantly looking for more members to get involved – whether that’s through participating in project teams or spreading the word through social media.  

In mid-September of this year, TEC released a solar community share offer, and in over just two weeks they managed to raise nearly £300,000 of investment. The share offer is currently paused whilst they decide whether or not to raise their overall target. TEC has a great portfolio of solar energy projects already and are hoping to start a renewable heat scheme soon – if you want to hear more about the solar share offer or any of the other projects being supported by TEC, head over to their website

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