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August 2020

Like us, there are a number of other community-led organisations in Devon and Cornwall, and from time to time each of us have a campaign to expand our membership and raise share capital. One of the seven co-operative principles is to be ‘co-operative amongst co-operatives’. So we are wanting to introduce you to a different community-led organisation each time we do an update. Our hope is that this is reciprocated and together we can build a community of people and organisations that share a vision for a stronger, more inclusive future in the South West (and beyond).

MSP has been working closely with the renewable energy specialists Plymouth Energy Community. They have been undertaking the initial work needed for us to create renewable energy within our newest property in Redruth – exploring the use of solar PV and air source heating. MSP aspires to include and implement renewable technology where possible in our properties. Our first property in Helston is an excellent example. During 2019 the solar PV on the roof produced 3,275 kWh, an income of £671 and cost savings to St Petrocs of £253. With the sunny spring in 2020, we look set to exceed these figures and our ambitions for our second property is to explore some renewable heating as well as electricity.

Like us, Plymouth Energy Community are always looking for to widen their reach. Visit their website to register for their newsletter to receive more information, updates and invitations to events.

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