Helston Refurbishment

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August 2021

After a year of complications and slow progress, we have finally finished the refurbishment at Godolphin. Our aim was always to improve both the safety and quality of the property for its residents and this has involved updating the bathroom, enhancing fire safety, and creating a pleasant, condensation free environment with a Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) system.

The MVHR system, in particular, has a number of benefits:

  • Savings on heating bills and provides passive summer cooling especially in evenings after hot days
  • Reduces moisture from rooms which can cause mould and damp damage to properties
  • Helps retain over 90% of heat from foul air rejected from bathrooms
  • Improved air quality through filtered fresh air supplied to bedrooms – helps with sleeping and breathing

In the housing sector improving property airtightness is effective at reducing heat loss, however, it exacerbates respiratory conditions if it is not accompanied by improved ventilation. The installation of the MVHR system will remove harmful pollutants in the property and reduce the level of relative humidity. Higher levels of this can affect the concentration of volatile organic compounds in the home, and extended exposure to these compounds can be harmful to skin and the nervous system, and are known to have links to increased risk of cancer. The MVHR system is a simple way to alleviate these risks and create a warm comfortable environment.

Sustainability is an integral part of all developments, even more so now that the government has issued a need for all rented property to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of C by 2025. MSP is making sure it keeps on target with this commitment in all new projects. Stay up to date with all future developments through our website.

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