Communities Like Us – East Marsh Community (EMC)

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June 2022

Like us, there are a number of other community-led organisations in the UK, and from time to time each of us have a campaign to expand our membership and raise share capital. One of the co-operative principles is to be ‘co-operative amongst co-operatives’. So we are wanting to introduce you to a range of community-led organisation. Together we can build a community that shares a vision for a stronger, more inclusive future.

East Marsh Community (EMC) are a social enterprise formed for the benefit of East Marsh in Grimsby. Dedicated to transforming their community for the better – building local opportunity and putting a spotlight on true community needs. Since their formation, the group have set their sights on the regeneration of their town. Grimsby is one of the most deprived areas in the world – a knock-on effect of economic decline created a vast number of empty homes that are unfit for purpose, and unaffordable for local people.

Having seen this first hand, EMC is working to address their local housing crisis. Previously, the society secured £200,000 to buy and refurbish 3 homes for their community – initiating their ambitions for ‘100 houses for 100 years’.

The next step on this journey is raising the funds to buy another 10 homes. EMC has launched a community share offer on Ethex – looking to raise £500,000 and are forecasting a return of 4% to investors. So far EMC has raised over 75% of this target and the offer is set to end on 30.06.22. To learn more about this offer, visit EMC’s page on Ethex.

If you’d like to hear more about EMC, or have a local connection and want to stay updated, click here to view the website.

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